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Resident Evil 5 - Info

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Director: Kenichi Ueda
  • Producer: Jun Takeuchi
  • Writer: Haruo Murata
  • Composer: Kota Suzuki
  • Engine: MT Framework
  • Platform:
PlayStasion 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
  • Release date: March 5, 2009
  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Mode: Single Player, MultiPlayer
  • Official Website: Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 - Review

Resident Evil 5, known in Japan as Biohazard 5 (バイオハザード5 Baiohazādo Faibu), is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. The game is the seventh installment in the Resident Evil survival horror series, and was released on March 5, 2009 in Japan and on March 13, 2009 in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and September 2009 for Microsoft Windows. The story of Resident Evil 5 revolves around Chris Redfield's and Sheva Alomar's investigation of a terrorist threat in Kijuju, a fictional town in Africa.

Resident Evil 5 features similar gameplay to Resident Evil 4, with context-sensitive controls and dynamic cutscenes also making a return.

The player can control either Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar in a similar fashion to Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, with the same over-the-shoulder perspective. The game's environment plays a significant role. The Mercenaries minigame, featured in previous Resident Evil games, is present in Resident Evil 5. At launch, the multiplayer mode in the minigame was offline only, but a launch day patch gave the game online multiplayer modes as well.

Instead of zombies, the game's humanoid enemies are called "Majini", meaning evil spirit in Swahili. They bear many resemblances to the Ganados of Resident Evil 4, because they speak, run, dodge and wield weapons. Like in Resident Evil 4, the number of weapon variations is increased compared to the previous games in the series; there are now several varieties of the handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle and rifle to choose from. Like inventory systems in two previous Resident Evil titles Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, the player can only equip weapons and items in the midst of gameplay (the game still runs real-time as you manipulate the inventory), as opposed to the game pausing.

The game features some online elements. Resident Evil 5's main story mode can be played with two players, in a co-operative online mode. The feature will allow players to enter or leave anytime during the game. Players will not always stick together, and can be separated at points during the gameplay. However, if one player were to have critical health, only their partner can resuscitate them. An offline co-op mode is also in the game with the same co-op experience offered by the online co-op mode, only with two local players controlling the action in split screen or by a system link.

Chris Redfield, a former STARS member and now part of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), is dispatched to Kijuju, Africa to work with Sheva Alomar to apprehend Ricardo Irving before he can sell a bio-organic weapon (BOW) on the black market. Upon arriving, they discover the locals have been converted by parasites into Majini, and that the members of the BSAA's Alpha team have been killed. Chris and Sheva are rescued by BSAA's Delta team, whose membership includes Sheva's mentor Josh Stone. In the data provided by Josh, Chris sees a photograph of Jill Valentine, his old partner, presumed dead after a confrontation with Albert Wesker. Chris, Sheva, and Delta team close in on Irving, but he manages to escape with the help of a hooded figure, leaving behind documents that lead Chris and Sheva to oil fields in the marshlands where Irving's deal is to occur. They soon discover this was a diversion created by Irving to allow the deal to take place. Chris and Sheva attempt to regroup with Delta team, but at the rendezvous, find the team slaughtered by a BOW; Sheva cannot find Josh among the bodies. Chris refuses to report to headquarters, revealing his determination to learn if Jill is still alive.

Continuing through the marshlands, they find Josh injured but safe, and with his help track down Irving's boat. Irving injects himself with a variant of the parasite, Las Plagas, and mutates into a colossal octopus-like beast. Chris and Sheva defeat him, and with his dying words, directs the pair to a nearby cave to learn more. The cave, home of the Ndipaya tribe, is the source of the flower used to create the Progenitor virus, which led to the creation of the T- and G-viruses. Chris and Sheva find evidence that Tricell, the company funding the BSAA, had taken over a former Umbrella underground laboratory and continued Umbrella's research. In the facility are thousands of capsules holding human test subjects. Chris discovers one of the capsules belongs to Jill, but when they search it, they find the capsule empty. As they leave, they discover Tricell agent Excella Gionne has been plotting with Wesker to unleash a number of missiles with the Uroboros virus across the globe. Chris and Sheva pursue Excella, but are stopped by Wesker and the hooded figure, later revealed to be Jill, enslaved by a mind-control device on her chest. Excella and Wesker escape to a Tricell oil tanker while Chris and Sheva fight Jill, eventually subduing her and removing the device from her chest. After a brief reunion, Jill orders Chris to follow Wesker.

As Chris and Sheva make their way aboard the tanker, they come across Excella, who escapes, but drops a case of syringes. Sheva holds on to a number of them. When Chris and Sheva arrive on the main deck of the tanker, Wesker, through the tanker's intercom, reveals he has betrayed and infected Excella with Uroboros. She mutates into a giant monster which Chris and Sheva eventually defeat. Jill radios in and informs Chris and Sheva that Wesker must regularly take precisely measured doses of a drug to maintain his superhuman strength and speed; a larger or smaller dose would act as poison for Wesker. Sheva then realizes the syringes she recovered from Excella are doses of that drug. Chris and Sheva follow Wesker to a bomber aboard the tanker loaded with missiles containing the Uroboros virus. Eventually, the two are able to subdue Wesker long enough to inject him with additional doses. Wesker attempts to escape on the bomber, but is followed by Chris and Sheva who disable the bomber, causing it to crash land in a volcano. An enraged Wesker exposes himself to Uroboros, and pursues Chris and Sheva through the volcano. Chris and Sheva fight and weaken Wesker to the point where he falls into the lava. They are then rescued by a helicopter piloted by Jill and Josh. In his dying breaths, Wesker attempts to drag the helicopter into the volcano, but Chris and Sheva kill him with Rocket-propelled grenades, before he is able to do so. In the final cutscene of the game, Chris ponders whether it is truly worth fighting to preserve what is left of humanity. He looks at Sheva and Jill and decides that it is worth it in order to live in a world without fear.

Thirteen years ago, Capcom helped revolutionize the action-adventure world with Resident Evil, a game that would define an entirely new genre dubbed "survival horror." In the years that followed, the series continued to build upon the standards set by the first game, until 2005, when Resident Evil 4 radically departed from its predecessors and broke new ground as a more action-oriented game. Resident Evil 5, the latest offering in the long-running series, expands on the action-heavy formula of its forerunner and is built from the ground up to support cooperative gameplay. Though it can no longer be considered a survival horror game, Resident Evil 5 manages to retain and effectively translate the most important aspect of that genre--tension--into its new mechanics, crafting a fun, collaborative experience that will keep you on your toes the entire time.

Resident Evil 5 - Trailer

Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition and downloadable content

Shortly before the release of Resident Evil 5, it was announced that a competitive multiplayer mode, titled Versus, would be available for download in the coming weeks. It was later announced that the content would cost less in Japan than in the rest of the world, but that the release date for Japan had been pushed back to April 9, 2009. On April 6, 2009 Capcom announced that Versus would be available to download in Europe and North America on April 7, 2009 on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network.The Versus content contains two different online game types. Slayers is a point-based game that challenges players to kill Majini, while in Survivors players must hunt each other while dodging attacking Majini. Players may also play Team Survivors or Team Slayers in which there are four players, two on each side. Versus is a four player, online only, mode. ing Sony's press conference at the Tokyo Game Show 2009, Capcom announced that Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition would be released in Japan in Spring 2010 for PlayStation 3. This PS3 exclusive version includes a new scenario titled "Lost in Nightmares", where protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine infiltrate one of Spencer's estates in 2006. Capcom has announced that the new content will be released in DLC format for Australia, Europe and America. A western version of Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition was announced for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the form of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Gold Edition will include the "Lost In Nightmares" episode. It was announced that the Gold Edition would include another campaign expansion called "Desperate Escape." In this episode players control Josh Stone and Jill Valentine as they journey to assist Chris and Sheva. Gold Edition will also include the previously released Versus mode DLC, four new costumes, and an alternate Mercenaries mode, "The Mercenaries Reunion." Mercenaries Reunion features eight new playable characters as well as new item and time placement for the Mercenaries levels. On December 10, a video was released revealing the first two Mercenaries Reunion characters: Warrior Chris and Fairytale Sheva. On December 16, 2009, Famitsu magazine revealed the first screenshots of the "Desperate Escape" episode, as well as three more characters for Mercenaries Reunion: Heavy Metal Chris, Business Suit Sheva and Josh Stone. Excella Gionne was announced as another playable character in Famitsu. According to Famitsu, Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton are confirmed to be the final playable characters. Alternatively, for those who do not purchase the Gold Edition, both episodes as well as both costume packs will be available as downloadable content (DLC), with two of the eight new Mercenaries Reunion characters bundled with each downloadable item. This means that by buying all five sets of DLC, players will then own all of the content on the disc. However, this only applies to the PlayStation 3 version, due to the fact that the Xbox 360 version will not contain DLC on the disc. The Xbox 360 Gold comes with a download token, allowing for a free download of all of the DLC while the PlayStation 3 Gold Edition has all of the new content on disc. The disc was released in the US on March 9, 2010, while the European release was March 12, 2010. The DLC release dates were as follows: "Lost in Nightmares" and the first costume pack were available for download on February 17 for Xbox 360 and February 18 for PS3, while "Desperate Escape", the second episode, and costume pack were released on March 3 for Xbox 360 and 4 for PlayStation 3.

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